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How Can You set Alexa to play music as an alarm?​

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Both Amazon Echo and Alexa are good partners for your bedtime as there are plenty of features like alarms, radio, and music. If you are using the Echo just for basic alarm, then you are not using the device to its full potential.

The Amazon has now bought a number of skills in the Amazon Echo product. Let’s have a look at these features.

How to set an Alexa Alarm?

This is a simple process. Just speak to Alexa to set an alarm with time. Alexa will confirm the same once it gets done. If you forgot to tell PM/AM, then Alexa may ask you again. You can add as many numbers of alarms as you can. One for you and other for your partner.

When the alarm turns on just say ‘Turn off the Alarm Alexa’. If you want to postpone for 10 minutes, then you can say ‘Alexa, Snooze’.

Steps to set a music or radio alarm via Alexa

This function was unavailable in Alexa first generation. Now, you can ask Alexa to wake me by playing a song by name or by the artist. If you want, you can even set the radio as a source of music for your alarm. All major apps like Pandora, Spotify and TuneIn work with the virtual assistant Alexa.

You can do with any radio station by just saying ‘Tuneln’. Just speak ‘Alexa, Wake me followed by the radio station at a time’. If you want to set any news as a wake-up music, then you can do so easily.

Play bedtime sounds and uses the sleep timer

So far, we have discussed just the basics of the Alarm clock but what if you don’t want to sleep right now or you are going to sleep. There’s an Alexa skill introduced in it with which you can play ambient sounds. You just say ‘Alexa play ambient sounds’. You can also try ‘Bedtime music’.

The normal running time of every Alexa sleep track is one hour. Apart from this, if you want to do anything smarter than this, then click to speak ‘Alexa turn off music in 5 minutes’. This will turn off the music for 5 minutes during the playback. If you want to miss the drifts or other crashing waves in the music, then you can use this voice command.

Create a morning or bedtime routine

You can set Alexa group for the morning as well as a bedtime routine.

You will find the Routine section within the Alexa app. For bedtime, you will find the different options like switching off the light, dimming the lights or color. Just speak to Alexa to create a bedtime.

In a similar way, if you want to have hot coffee in the morning, then you can command Alexa to turn on the Coffee making machine. Apart from this, you can read the news, turn on the lights and check the weather forecast on your Amazon Echo. The only drawback is non-availability of music, radio or other particular skills.

There are some features which are available in Alexa app but you can access through Yonomi, a smartphone app. This app itself can be controlled via Alexa app.

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